Feeds a family a healthy meal at one workshop and provides leftovers for the family to take home.

Donate $25

Covers fun, educational activities for a participant’s children while she’s attending the 6-week program.

Donate $120

Sponsors a couple to attend a two-part couple workshop on communication skills and problem solving.

Donate $250

Provides transportation to our new on-site mental health services. These services will be available to our participants and her family.

Donate $500

Funds a BabyWonder workshop series. BabyWonder is an opportunity for mothers to return after she's had her baby to learn about infant development and milestones, strengthen her new family relationships and create community with other new moms. 

Donate $1,000

Sponsors a woman and her family to complete the full 6-week MotherWise program.

Donate $2,500