What is MotherWise?

MotherWise's mission is to empower women and their families to thrive during pregnancy and after a new baby is born. Our core program includes 6 weeks of workshops plus one-on-one coaching for mothers on knowing themselves, what healthy relationships are to them, communication and relationship skills for all kinds of relationships, and connecting with a newborn baby.


How much does it cost?

All programs at MotherWise are free. We provide transportation (typically via Uber), meals, and childcare for each workshop and visit with us. We offer workshops and appointments during the day and evening. You will also earn prepaid visa debit cards for attending -- more than $200

Do you have to be a first-time mother to participate?

Not at all! Our workshops include women who are experienced mothers and others that are first-time mothers. We also welcome pregnant women who are planning or exploring adoption as an option. 

Who attends the workshops?

Only pregnant women and those with newborns attend our core workshops. There's an opportunity for program participants to invite their partners to join them for a couple's workshop that we host quarterly throughout the year. 

Onsite childcare available.

Who teaches the workshops?

Each week, you’ll be with two facilitators who are trained to teach the material. There will also be community partners joining a few sessions to give you information on local resources like GED classes, ESL classes, and many more! 

I’ve never used Uber before but I need transportation to MotherWise, how does that work?

Not a problem! We’ll order the Uber for you and text you the driver’s name and license plate. Uber will then text you when they are arriving so you can communicate directly with the driver. Uber is free for participants to use. 

How do I refer to MotherWise?

Contact us by clicking the "email us" link below, calling our texting us at (720) 504-4624 or sending an email to: motherwisecolorado@gmail.com.
You can pass along our information to anyone you know who might be pregnant or has a newborn.

You can also send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

1330 Fox St, Denver, Colorado 80204, United States