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Empoderando a las mujeres y a sus familias a prosperar.

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What Is MotherWise?

What exactly is this?

MotherWise is a program on healthy relationships and learning practical skills for communicating with partners, family and even co-workers. The program is a 6 week workshop, once a week.

What do you get?

We provide transportation, food, childcare and incentives for each workshop and visit with us including our one-on-one coaching sessions with family support coordinators. We offer our workshops during the day or evening. There is a chance to earn up to $200 in gift cards! 

How many people attend?

We currently average between 5 and 12 women in each workshop. Some may be smaller or larger depending on the group. There may also be moms with newborns in class so we can add a couple babies to that total as well :)

Upcoming English Workshops (start date)

E30: 11/9/17 (evening)

E32: 12/5/17 (day)

E33: 1/4/18 (evening)

E35: 1/23/18 (day)

E36: 2/15/18 (evening)

E38: 3/6/18 (day)

E39: 3/29/18 (evening)

*We do not have workshops during Thanksgiving week or Christmas week.

Las próximas clases en Español (la primera clase)

S31: 11/10/17 (en la mañana)

S34: 1/05/18 (en la mañana)

S37: 2/16/18 (en la mañana)

S40: 3/30/18 (en la mañana)

S43: 5/11/18 (en la mañana)

*No tenemos clases durante las semanas de Thanksgiving o Navidad. 

How can I refer people to your program?

Contact us by clicking the "email us" link below, calling our texting our phone number (720) 504-4624 or sending us an email at motherwisecolorado@gmail.com.

You can pass along our information to anyone you know who might be pregnant or has a newborn.

You can also send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

About Us

Our team

We are a mixture of employees through the University of Denver and Denver Health.

Our history

This program started in September 2016 and offers services for pregnant women and new mothers.

Our vision

Healthy Relationships. Thriving Families.

Contact Us

Let us know if you're interested in our program!

We would love to hear from you so we can tell you more about our program.  Nosotros hablamos español. 


1330 Fox St, Denver, Colorado 80204, United States

(720) 504-4624


Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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