1. Do you have to be a first-time mother to participate?

Not at all! Our workshops include women who are experienced mothers and others that are first-time mothers. We also welcome pregnant women who are planning or exploring adoption as an option. 

2. Can my partner attend the classes with me? What about my sister, friend, or mom?

Only pregnant women and those with newborns attend our core workshops. There's an opportunity for program participants to invite their partners to join them for a couple's workshop that we host quarterly throughout the year. 

3. Who teaches the workshops?

Each week, you’ll be with two facilitators who are trained to teach the material. There will also be community partners joining a few sessions to give you information on local resources like GED classes, ESL classes, and many more! 

4. Can I breastfeed during the workshops?

Absolutely. You are welcome to breastfeed during the workshop or we have private rooms if you would prefer additional privacy. We can also store formula bottles or medication in our classroom fridge.

5. I’ve never used Uber before but I need transportation to MotherWise, how does that work?

Not a problem! We’ll order the Uber for you and text you the driver’s name and license plate. Uber will then text you when they are arriving so you can communicate directly with the driver. Uber is free for participants to use.